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Ulyana Sergeenko, haute couture for spring/summer 2013

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"Split into two distinct parts, the show kicked off with Lauren’s new Polo casual collection for women and concluded with the more formal Ralph Lauren Collection.

The collection had a more sophisticated feel, relying heavily on snow-colored whites (coincidentally) and muted pinks and grays. Silk and satin draping accentuated the models’ tall, lean frames.

Lauren mixed causal and formal pieces like many designers have this week. He paired tuxedo jackets with jogging pants; oversized, draped turtleneck sweaters with chiffon beaded skirts; beaded cocktail dresses with suede over-the-knee boots.” │ via usatoday

#7. Wow.


I have finally done the thing since people have asked for it many many times: a better look at my Powerpuff Girls designs!  I had a chance to put more thought into their them this time around and I’m quite satisfied with it all.

This was done mainly for those who wanted to cosplay the girls, in which I say, feel free to take any liberties beyond what I’ve done and I hope you all enjoy my take on the PPGs!

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Last Regina post.


Can we talk about how Regina lived for months, years and decades with the deaths of her mother, father and Daniel? But less than 24 hours without her son and she’s already ripped her own heart out, tried putting herself under a sleeping curse and attempted a solo, possible suicide mission for said sleeping curse.

The Road to Rumple's Ultimate Redemption is Through Regina →



Rumple knew this wasn’t true when he said this to the young Regina. He manipulated her need for validation. I find what he did in turning Regina into a “monster” (his words for it, not mine) a truly evil thing. He took a troubled and lonely young woman who, by his own admission and her own…


You’re jealous of me?

The Difference Between Regret and Remorse for Regina →



A lot of people get hung up on the fact that Regina was able to break free from Peter Pan’s “regret” restraining tree. I believe that Regina’s actions in that scene were heroic and emotionally and morally correct. Let me explain.

Regret is largely a useless and self-defeating emotion because…

I love Regina so much.

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