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Peacock Princess

I’m so behind in updating!  It is way too hto in my city and I’ve been a melted puddle of whine and grump.

Okay, so here’s a piece I did about 4-5 years ago on the left, and one I did in June 2014 on the right. I always meant to do a bunch of pieces featuring this character and her companion, so now I’m finally getting to it!  I love the colors I used and all the lush textured plants that make up her birdcage greenhouse.  I did consciously try to keep the style within the same realm as the older piece, which is tough to do!

Added a pomegranate because it totally needed one.  Look at her tragic beauty!  Aaaaah!

You can get prints of these on my etsy here and here

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How to Pack Luggage?

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